Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Taking the Plunge

I sure did last week! Having two book manuscripts ready, (in English) I figured I wouldn't loose anything by entering a writing competition. Not only could the winners earn a monetary prize, but their novel would be published as well. The Biblical/historical novels fit their category, and so I sent them off. At least now they will be read by professional people and what's more, I won't have to wait for months on end to get the results: these will be posted already in May!

The Dutch translation of FIRST FRUITS IN JERUSALEM was also ready to be sent out, so there I took another step in faith, and sent them to several Dutch publishers as well. The 'waiting game' is always the hardest part, but like the professionals taught me - I just have to continue writing as always.

Depending on what's happening in my life (I'm still mourning our precious son) I've noticed that gradually things are returning a bit to 'normal', and I find myself able to concentrate better.

I'm networking with more people worldwide, (good for exposure) and see what doors the Lord will open up next. For now my greatest priority is the basic version of a book about Na'il's life on paper, which then will be translated into Dutch. Each finished chapter I post as an PDF file on the website, under Na'il's page. It pains me having to put my new novel on hold, but I can't work on too many projects at the same time, that drives me crazy. Even though people asked about a sequel to FIRST FRUITS, I feel the novel about WWII that's on my heart is important, especially with so much Holocaust denial sprouting up everywhere!
Step by step, day by day, we'll see how it goes.