Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Change of Course

I loved it - writing history pieces for radio, which I've been able to do now for over a year. As a history freak I like to learn about new places, background information about people and how things were in the 'good old times'. Very often I have to admit that I'm glad not having to live in those times, because they weren't good at all.

Each generation has its own challenges, and nowadays we're having to deal with too many major things at once. That part of the past - the slow pace, the 'simple life', having time for each and everyone, that is something I can long for.

But not too long, for back in the old days computers were unheard of, and I like my 'help-mate'. Especially when you have to research a subject - what is easier nowadays to Google your way around the world, instead of heading out for the nearest library.

Changes in the radio program were imminent, and they asked me to start writing general informational pieces about Israel instead. Speaking of change! But I decided to see it as another learning opportunity to hone my writing skills. It also broadens my horizons, this time into the present. Now I'm scanning the newspaper each day in search for interesting subjects about Israel to share with the world!

Found a great website with POSITIVE news about Israel too:

So, that's my latest writing avenue, together with working on the book about Na'il's life and my novel, which I hope to revive from hibernation soon!