Friday, 13 February 2009

Got what I wished for

The year 2009 began with many surprises, and seemingly God wanted me to write more about our ‘children’s ministry’, as several doors opened ~ an anthology was interested in our story, a new e-zine approached me, and I was a bit frustrated that all those good things, forced me to put my new novel on hold. I was stuck at chapter 5.

Grumbling about my lack of time, and longing for more writing time, I finally had made peace with my ‘lot’, and accept the fact that God had called me to be a foster mum of special needs children first, and then a writer.

And then February 4 arrived and our world came to a complete standstill when our precious 14 year old foster son Na’il died very suddenly.
I’ve created a special page on my website in his memory and also a blog called “Celebrating Life”.

I had my wish – more time to write, but at a great loss.
My novel is still on hold, and I’ve decided to use this time of mourning to channel my grief through the stories, articles and devotions I’m planning to write.
My prayer is that it may be a comfort, encouragement and blessing for others to read. In writing about our special boy, I continue to share the blessing that he was to us and those who met him.