Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Getting on with Life

It’s exactly a week ago now that we had to say goodbye to Na’il and yesterday was the last day of the so-called ‘shiva’, the seven days of mourning.
Here we were: a Christian couple, sitting a (Jewish) shiva, for a Muslim boy ~ that’s our family in a nutshell.
What a blessing this shiva was for us: the outpouring of love, comfort and encouragement from so many friends, neighbors and acquaintances was overwhelming, and it really helped us to process our grief. We experienced the wisdom of this Jewish ritual, which we also read about in the book of Job.

Kristi Holl, in “Writer’s First Aid” mentions how important writing is for our health. I feel privileged to be able to express my feelings through the written word, and decided to use the website as a platform to write about our special boy, and file the stories in a Blog called: celebrating a life.

Kristi writes at the end of the chapter called “Beauty for Ashes”,
“But something extraordinary happens to us when sharing our personal hurts also helps heal someone else’s pain.”
That is my prayer too.

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