Tuesday, 12 May 2009

An Encouraging Rejection

After I sent out the Dutch manuscript to several Dutch publishers, a few of them responded rather quickly. One wrote they didn’t have fiction in their fund, another they couldn’t use the story, and the last one was another rejection, albeit an encouraging one.
This is what they wrote:
"Several of our editors have reviewed your MS and all agree that your MS is of good quality. We enjoyed reading it and are sure there is a market for it. However, we had to reject your MS because we don't carry this genre in our fund."
They further wrote they hoped another publisher would accept the MS, and even gave me another Publisher's name they knew carried my genre in their funding. (That one already wrote me they couldn't use it.) Now I'm waiting for the last two (big Dutch publishers) to respond. On the English front: This month I expect the result for the Rose and Crown (Sunpenny) Novel competition. I sent them 2 manuscripts.

I shared the news with Mary Rosenblum, Web editor of LongRidge’s e-newsletter, and she commented as follows:

"Ah, aren’t those near misses frustrating, Petra? But it means you’re close. And she is also working on other projects. Petra, you are a busy writer! Way to go, girl!"