Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Writing a novel is hard work

… but also lots of fun.
My first Historical/Biblical novel consisted of 78,000 words, and was written in 4 months. Don’t bother to look for it, it needs a lot more revisions!

I know that now, because I just finished the Novel Course from my favorite organization - the Long Ridge Writers Group.
The second novel was written simultaneously with the Course, which promised to have 3 complete chapters ready by the 8th assignment.
My wonderful teacher, Mary Rosenblum, gave me free reign, and therefore I was able to finish the complete book – 120,000 words.
Now, THIS is a manuscript that will be revised till it’s ready to be sent out to an agent.
This book is about Huram-Avi, the skilled craftsman from Sur (Tyre) who is called to Jerusalem to create the bronze objects for Solomon’s Temple.
I started doing serious research for the story in February 2008, wrote the first chapter around the end of that month, and typed “THE END” in the third week of July this year. Pffff! At least it was out off my system.

The next step was to let it “cool down”, begin major (!) revisions and find people willing to “critique” the manuscript.

God is so good!
I’m blessed with three people willing to read the chapters and give me feedback – “critique” is positive, constructive feedback, to help make the book stronger.

I’m waiting for my second diploma to arrive and will post a picture of yours truly, with my “trophy”.

In the meantime, I’m debating whether to start revising the first novel (the blundering attempt) or start researching the other one that’s cooking in my mind. Ah! The wonderful, creative writer’s life. Never a dull moment!