Sunday, 26 February 2017

Afikim bus # 485 - from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion Airport


1. The Afikim website -  Hebrew only. Not many of the links function. Time table is helpful, bus also in Hebrew only. Last bus on Friday and first bus on Motsei Shabbat will change with the summer and winter time schedule!
2. This site: gives English information, but due to a technical problem, it is not yet possible to order tickets on line.

From the city center, the best bus stop is on Yaffa Road, near the Discount bank, in the direction of HaTurim. Egged busses use the bus stop for a short break before moving on.

NOTE WORTHY FACT: Arriving at the CBS with your luggage will be a ‘shlep’ to get to the buss stop. You cannot sit near the bus stop while waiting for the bus; in winter it will be very cold (and wet if it rains); in summer it will be very warm. There is neither shade or protection against the elements.
NOTE WORTHY FACT: The bus leaves the first bus stop (near Givat Ram University) each hour, and will reach the Yaffa street stop about 10 minutes later. Make sure to be there on time, as the bus does not wait - passengers load their own suitcases in the luggage compartment, board, pay the driver and the bus continues to the next stop:  Ein Hemed Junction on Road No. 1

The Afikim bus has comfortable seats; overhead each seat has a light and USB connection for either mobile phone or iPad. Each seat also has a foldable table with coffee cup holder and room for an iPad or small computer.

 NOTE WORTHY FACT: Unlike easy accessible city busses, # 485 has a few steep and narrow steps to enter the bus. This may be a challenge for people who have problems with their knees or hips.

NOTE WORTHY FACT: near the driver is an electronic screen stating the next bus stop - everything in Hebrew. Behind the back steps is a small screen showing all the bus stops and the expected time of arrival - only in Hebrew. The next stop is also being announced - in Hebrew only.

 When there are no passengers to board the bus at the next stop: Shoresh junction, the bus continues its journey via Road no. 1.

NOTE WORTHY FACT: each bus stop has an airplane sticker, and the direction - in Hebrew. If you see the number but not the airplane sticker, this means it’s alighting only.

Upon entering Ben Gurion Airport, the bus is pulled aside for a security check. Passengers have to leave the bus and show the security guard which luggage is theirs. One of the guards enters the bus and walks to the back to check for suspicious objects.

Next stop is Terminal 1 (the old airport)
 When you have to get off here, you MUST press the stop button, (yellow ‘S’ above your head) otherwise the bus will continue to the next stop: Israel Airport Authorities.

The final stop is at Terminal 3 - on the 2nd level (between arrivals below and departures on the top floor).

Enter entrance 23 and take the elevator to the 3rd floor for departures. Have a pleasant flight!